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When you’re exploring homes for sale in Farmington, MI, you’re embarking on more than a property search—you’re seeking out a place where your life will unfold and flourish. As seasoned Farmington Realtors, we grasp the essence of this undertaking. Your home is more than a structure; it’s the backdrop to invaluable moments, a space for gathering with loved ones, and potentially the environment where you might grow a family. Our dedication lies in not just locating your ideal residence but also in enriching your experience of living in this delightful community.

Farmington, with its quaint downtown, outstanding educational institutions, and picturesque green spaces, offers a slice of life that caters to a variety of interests and aspirations. Our role is to navigate you through the intricacies of the real estate market with seasoned advice, insights into the local market’s nuances, and a tailored strategy to fulfill your distinct requirements.

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Farmington, MI Home Listings

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Farmington Real Estate Statistics

Chart showing home value trend for Farmington Michigan homes for sale starting in 2016 at 175k up to 2023 up to 293k

Median Home Value: The median property value in Farmington was reported as $228,400 in 2021. However, more recent sources like Zillow and NeighborhoodScout list typical home values at $296,800 and $290,917, respectively.

Home Value Appreciation: The typical home value of homes in Farmington has gone up by 1.5% over the past year according to Zillow. Conversely, Redfin indicates that the median sale price of a home in Farmington was $298K last month, down 8.8% since last year, but the sale price per square foot is up 26.0% since last year, reflecting a complex appreciation scenario.

Median Listing Price: Median listing prices in September 2023 were reported at $287.5K by Realtor.com, which remained flat year-over-year. Redfin’s different pages reported a median listing price of $299K and $302,660, while another listing on Realtor.com mentioned a median listing home price of $330,000.

Median Selling Price: Last month, the median selling price was $298K, down 8.8% from the previous year according to Redfin. RealtyTrac reports a median value for residential home transactions over the previous year at $312,676.19.


Days on Market (DOM): On average, homes in Farmington sell after 10 days on the market according to Redfin. Realtor.com reports an average of 19 days on the market, and Movoto indicates a median of 21 days for homes to sell.


Listing Price per Square Foot: Redfin reports a median sale price per square foot in Farmington at $211. Movoto lists the median value of a home at $208 per square foot.


Please note, Farmington real estate statistics are derived from varying sources such as Zillow. These numbers were gathered as of Q4 2023 and are subject to change month-over-month. We do our best to keep numbers updated; however, for more precise estimates on the Farmington housing market, we advise consulting directly with one of our Farmington real estate professionals.

What is The Cost of Homes in Farmington MI?

The cost of homes in Farmington, Michigan, can differ significantly based on a range of variables including the specific area within Farmington, the property’s size, its age, and its overall condition. Like any real estate market, Farmington’s is dynamic and can shift due to economic trends, the balance of supply and demand, and local developments.

As of the latter part of 2023, the housing market in Farmington has displayed some variability. While some sources report a decrease in median sale prices by 8.8% compared to the previous year, others show an increase in the median sale price per square foot. The estimated average cost of homes, when considering the median home values and median selling prices from the most current data, is around $296,800 to $298,000. This suggests a more affordable market in comparison to Northville, reflecting the unique market conditions present in Farmington.

About The Farmington Community

Farmington is a vibrant community with a population of over 10,000 residents, situated within Oakland County in Michigan. It is strategically placed between the larger cities of Detroit and Ann Arbor, providing its inhabitants with easy access to the amenities of both metropolitan areas. For those in search of a locale that combines the allure of suburban living with the advantages of urban accessibility, Farmington is an ideal destination.

Positioned in the southeast region of Michigan, Farmington is characterized by its small-town warmth and convenience of city living. The community is renowned for its excellent educational institutions, a variety of culinary offerings, and a wealth of activities for leisure and recreation, making it a favored spot among families, working professionals, and those in retirement. Farmington is peppered with well-kept parks, unique shops, and a historic downtown that buzzes with activities and events all year round.

A short commute from Detroit, Farmington allows residents to enjoy the city’s offerings while still providing a serene and peaceful living environment. Whether you’re in the market for a charming heritage home, a contemporary apartment within walking distance of amenities, or a private residence that exudes luxury, Farmington presents a diverse array of housing choices to suit a wide range of preferences and needs.

Farmington, MI Neighborhoods & Subdivisions

  • Downtown Farmington
  • Farmington Meadows
  • Chatham Hills
  • Farmington Glens
  • Bel-Aire Hills
  • Farmington Grove
  • Farmington Green
  • Hunt Club
  • Woodcreek Village
  • Farmington Brook
  • Warner’s Farmington Acres
  • Farmington Square
  • Kimbrooke Meadows
  • Oaklands
  • Farmington Ridge
  • Rollcrest Park
  • Farmington Meadows East
  • Woodbrook
  • Green Hill Woods
  • Trillium
  • Franklin Fairway
  • Farmington Estates
  • Country Glen
  • Heritage Village
  • Valley View
  • Walnut Ridge
  • Farmington Hills
  • Briar Hill
  • Farmington Orchards
  • Independence Commons
  • Farmington Acres
  • Floral Park
  • Farmington Meadows West
  • Grand River Crest
  • Halstead Estates
  • Cora Hill
  • Belcrest
  • Oxford Estates

Farmington, MI School System

The city of Farmington, MI, places a high value on academic excellence within its community. The district has a respectable number of students spread across various educational establishments, including several public elementary schools, middle schools, and Farmington High School. Parents also have a selection of private schools to choose from, such as the well-regarded Mercy High School, a Catholic all-girls secondary school noted for its strong academic programs.

The public schools in Farmington fall primarily within the Farmington Public Schools district, though portions of the city may also be served by neighboring districts. Farmington Public Schools serve not only the city of Farmington but also parts of Farmington Hills and surrounding areas. With a commitment to small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio, the district emphasizes individualized attention to its students. The quality of education is reflected in the district’s high GreatSchools.org scores, which are consistently strong.

The elementary schools in Farmington offer diverse programs, including gifted and talented services and various specialized learning tracks. Middle school students have robust academic and extracurricular programs to choose from, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment. Farmington High School is known for its strong academic offerings, including AP courses and a variety of extracurricular activities to engage students.

With dedicated educators, many of whom hold advanced degrees, and a student-to-teacher ratio that promotes personalized education, Farmington’s school system is geared towards providing a comprehensive educational experience. The district’s focus on a well-rounded education is evident in the extensive extracurricular opportunities it provides.

Reflecting broader trends in the United States, the real estate market in Farmington has experienced growth in recent years. As of the latter part of 2023, the market in Farmington has shown an upward trajectory, with a noticeable increase in the average sales price year over year. Farmington is known as a sought-after residential area within the vicinity of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, maintaining strong buyer interest and stable property values over time.

Properties in Farmington currently spend a short time listed for sale, indicative of a strong demand in the market. This brisk pace is a decrease from the previous year’s average days on the market. The trend of a reduced number of homes sold, coupled with the quick turnover of listed properties, points to a competitive real estate market in Farmington.

Types of Farmington Homes

Single-Family Homes: These are standalone houses that typically come with their own plot of land. Sizes can vary widely from modest bungalows to expansive estate homes.

Condos: In Farmington, condominiums are individual units within a larger building or complex. Residents often have access to shared facilities like fitness centers, swimming pools, and communal outdoor spaces.

Townhomes: Characterized by their multiple floors and shared walls with adjacent units, townhomes in Farmington often feature their own small yards.

Apartments: These rental spaces can range from simple studio layouts to larger units with multiple bedrooms. Apartment complexes in Farmington may also offer amenities such as fitness areas, swimming pools, or security services.

Luxury Homes: The higher-end segment of Farmington’s housing market includes properties with premium features, spacious layouts, and often, extensive grounds.

Historic Homes: Reflecting its own storied past, certain neighborhoods in Farmington are home to properties that boast historical significance and period features.

New Developments: Farmington also offers newly constructed residences, often part of planned communities, equipped with the latest in home design and comforts.

Waterfront Homes: With its proximity to natural waterways, there are properties in Farmington that offer waterfront views or access.

Duplex/Triplex: These buildings are segmented into two or three discrete living spaces, typically with separate entrances, and are found throughout Farmington.

Modular/Prefabricated Homes: Manufactured off site and assembled on location, these homes are a more cost-effective option within the Farmington housing market.

Vacation Homes: Some choose to buy second homes in Farmington, especially if they are looking for a retreat near urban centers or scenic areas.

55+ Communities: Farmington includes specially designed neighborhoods for seniors, offering amenities and activities suited to the lifestyle of older adults.

Farmhouses: Surrounding Farmington, one can find farmhouses that come with more land, often appealing to those looking for a rural lifestyle.

Things to Do in Farmington MI

Finding your ideal home in Farmington, MI, means more than securing a place to live; it’s about immersing yourself in the life and culture of this engaging community. Farmington boasts an array of activities for everyone:

Outdoor Activities

Heritage Park: Explore walking trails, play areas, and picnic spots.

Shiawassee Park: A scenic space for outdoor recreation and community events.

Riley Archery Range: For archery enthusiasts to practice and compete.

Glen Oaks Golf Course: Golfing with beautiful vistas in a relaxed setting.

Woodland Hills Nature Park: A natural haven for walking and wildlife observation.

Cultural Experiences

Farmington Civic Theater: Enjoy movies in a historic venue.

Farmington Players Barn Theatre: Live community theater productions.

Holocaust Memorial Center: A powerful educational and historical resource.

Governor Warner Mansion: Historical tours in a preserved Victorian home.

Dining and Shopping

Downtown Farmington: A hub for unique shopping, dining, and local events.

Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market: Seasonal market with local produce and crafts.

Dress Barn: Boutique shopping for fashion enthusiasts.

Farmington Center Shopping Area: A variety of stores and eateries.

Seasonal and Community Events

Founders Festival: Annual celebration with entertainment, food, and crafts.

Rhythmz in Riley Park: Free summer concert series.

Harvest Moon Celebration: An autumn event with food, music, and activities.

Winterfest: A holiday-themed event with activities and decorations.

For Families

Farmington Community Library: Programs and resources for all ages.

Longacre House: A historic home with community events and classes.

Farmington Ice Arena: Public skating and ice sports.

Farmington Hills Nature Center: Educational programs and nature exploration.

In Farmington, you’re not just buying a property; you’re opting into a community rich with opportunities for engagement, recreation, and a fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you’re an outdoor lover, a cultural aficionado, a shopaholic, or a family in search of activities, Farmington has something to offer.

Farmington Homeowners Association List

When looking into homes for sale in Farmington, MI, it’s important to be aware of the various Homeowners Associations (HOAs) present in the area. These organizations play a crucial role in preserving the community’s standards and enhancing residents’ quality of life. Below is a list of some Farmington HOAs, which can provide you with a glimpse into the specific amenities and rules that define each community. This can be a valuable resource in selecting a neighborhood that aligns with your lifestyle preferences.

Acorn Valley
Applebrook Homeowners Association
Barrington Association
Brookdale Condos HOA
Canterbury Commons Association
Carroll Farms Association
Chatham Hills HOA
Farmington Green Homeowners Association
Farmington Meadows Homeowners Association
Forest Estates Association
Franklin Forest & Fairway Association
Franklin Knolls Homeowners Association
Greencastle Civic & Improvement Association
Heritage Village Owners Association
Holly Hill Farm Association
Hunt Club Homeowners Association
Kendallwood Farms
Kimberly Association
Kingslane Court Condos HOA
Lincolnshire Estates Association
Meadowglen Homeowners Association (Farmington Square)
Normandy Hills Association
Oakwood Knolls Homeowners Association
Old Farm Colony Subdivision Association
Pleasant Valley Farms Homeowners Association
Quaker Farms Homeowners Association
Ramble Hills Subdivision Association
Staman Acres Association
Valley View HOA
Wynset HOA

Farmington Crime Rates & Statistics

Farmington, Michigan, with a population of approximately 10,587, has maintained low crime rates according to the data available. For the year covered by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), Farmington reported six incidents of violent crime and 83 incidents of property crime. There were no murders reported. The breakdown of violent crime incidents included two robberies and four aggravated assaults. Regarding property crime, 15 burglaries, 64 thefts, and four motor vehicle thefts were reported.

Comparing this to the more recent data from NeighborhoodScout, which lists a population of 11,484 for Farmington, there were no murders, two robberies, and six assaults reported in terms of violent crime. For property crimes, there were four burglaries, 47 thefts, and nine motor vehicle thefts.

This data can be reflective of Farmington’s commitment to maintaining a safe community. Whether considering a move to the area or evaluating the safety of the community, these statistics suggest that Farmington is a relatively safe place with a lower incidence of crime compared to national averages. However, it’s always recommended to look at a comprehensive, multi-year trend for a complete picture of a community’s safety profile.

Farmington Millage Rates & Property Taxes

The City of Farmington Millage Rates are calculated based on the taxable value of a home. The calculator provided on the city’s website allows residents to determine the cost of a proposed millage.

For example, if the proposed millage is 3.00 mills, the annual homeowner cost can be calculated as follows: (Taxable value of the home / 1000) x 3.00. The calculator also breaks down the gross cost, net cost (considering a 25% income tax deduction for those who itemize their taxes), and converts these costs into annual, monthly, and daily expenses.

This tool helps homeowners in Farmington understand the financial implications of millage proposals on their property taxes.

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